Meet The Dollies

These are all my dolls and the official information about them, in the order that i got them, from first to last!

By the way, the relationship between all my dolls is that they all were adopted into the family (and kept their different last names) and now they live together as sisters in one big happy* family!

*um.. there are some complications occasionally..


Name: Raven Brooke (no last name yet)

Doll: Historical Kaya

Age: 13

Date I got Her: March 26, 2009 (birthday present)

Birthday: August 17, 2003

About: Raven is very stylish, and also very sporty. She is a proud Gryffindor. Most likely to find her fighting and arguing with Aubrey, pranking someone, or practicing soccer with Brooklyn.



Name: Maisy Emily Charlotte (also no last name yet)

Doll: MAG #37

Age: 12

Date I got Her: March 7(?), 2015

Birthday: September 26, 2004

About: Maisy loves to read and has a passion for musical theater. She is also a Hufflepuff-ey Ravenclaw. Maisy is quiet to those she does not know well. She pretty much is me. (Julia 🙂 )


Name: Riley Lydia (no last name either! what a surprise)

Doll: Modern Girls Kaylee

Age: 6

Date I got Her: Summer 2016 (?)

Birthday: April 21, 2011

About: Riley is an enthusiastic, happy little girl! She does not yet attend Hogwarts, but will probably be a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. She loves the color pink, dressing up like a princess, and playing with her toys.


Name: London Rose Copeland

Doll: Truly Me #61

Age: 14

Date I got Her: July 31, 2016

Birthday: February 23, 2003

About: London is very into aesthetic. Like seriously here instagram feed is GORGEOUS. Every thing must be coordinated and lookin’ great. Also polaroid cameras, starbucks, and ukuleles are the bomb. London is a very proud Hufflepuff and is a friend to all! She would also be the first to play toys with Riley when no one else wants to.


Name: Aubrey Elizabeth Merriman

Doll: Pleasant Company Felicity

Age: 14

Date I got Her: January 2017 (hand-me-down from older sister)

Birthday: October 9, 2002

About: Aubrey is.. quite something. She is very fabulous and thinks she is even more fabulous then she is. Honestly I have no idea what Hogwarts house she’d be in.. pretty much anything besides Hufflepuff. Originally I thought she was a Ravenclaw, then Gryffindor, and then now I’m thinking maybe Slytherin? You’re most likely to find her arguing with Raven, proclaiming her awesomeness and that everyone else are peasants, eating sushi with Sawyer, or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. Or at an anger management class 😉 who knows


Name: Sawyer Noelle Cole

Doll: MAG #24

Age: 14

Date I got Her: January 2017 (also hand-me-down from same sister)

Birthday: November 18, 2002

About: Sawyer is veryyy Hufflepuff. She absolutely loves her friends and will do anything to keep Raven and Aubrey from fighting, however difficult that may be. Sawyer loves nature, God, and cute baby animals. I made a thing here that you can read about her. Also she is very different from Aubrey but they did grow up together before moving into my doll family, which means they stayed very close friends.


Name: Brooklyn McIntire (no middle name)

Doll: Pleasant Company Molly

 Age: 13

Date I got Her: March 26, 2017 (hand-me-down b-day present from other sister)

Birthday: December 6, 2003

About: Brooklyn is very sporty and also a Gryffindor. She is also slightly blind in one eye (she has silver eye cuz shes old) so that’s a thing. She loves soccer and spending time with Ava, who she grew up with. Very outgoing.

i hope to find a better picture soon

Name: Ava Peyton (no last name yet)

Doll: MAG #23

Age: 13

Date I got Her: March 26, 2017 (hand-me-down b-day present from sister again)

Birthday: April 12, 2004

About: Ava like to cook and bake with Riley and London. She is also very close with Brooklyn because they grew up together. Ava is very shy and introverted and I honestly don’t know what Hogwarts house shes in. Probably Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. If you can’t tell, at this point I’m kinda getting bored with these..


Name: Lilah Kate Rubin

Doll: Rebecca Rubin

Age: 14

Date I got Her: March 26, 2017 (birthday present from sisters)

Birthday: April 4, 2003

About: Lilah is super nice and sweet and kinda a lot like Maisy in the way she really likes books and Broadway musicals. She’d probably be a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. And she likes ukuleles.