Back To School Lookbooks// +Raven Photo Dump

My DollsBack- To- SchoolLookbooks.png

Looking fashionable to school is definitely the most important thing in your life. *sarcasm*

I very sadly went back to school the fourteenth and so did my dolls  i mean they would have if they weren’t ya know.. dolls..

Some people take how they look for school very seriously but let me tell you, while it is good to look nice and presentable it really, really doesn’t matter! I know, such a shocker.. But you should definitely be spending more time worrying about your studies than worrying about how you look. No one is going to judge you for how you look, so you might as well spend your time doing something like passing your classes, that will actually help you in the long-run.

That said, I’m here to show you the outfits that five of my dolls wore to their first days of school! (not to be hypocritical or anything XD) 

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How to Survive School// Brooklyn’s Advice

How To-.png

This is currently a very sad time.

The beginning of the school year is approaching right around the corner… I know, it’s devastating.. So Brooklyn is here today to give you some tips and tricks on how to survive:

S- Several

C- Crappy

H- Hours

O- Of

O- Our

L- Life


Hiya everybody! It’s Brooklyn! I’ve survived several years of school  so far and I would love to help you do the same! So just listen along to what I have to say and you should do fine!*


1)  Make sure you get 8-10 hours of sleep every night so you are well rested and ready to go for the next day of school!


Who am I kidding? As long as you get like 3 and a half hours of sleep you should be fine.


You can always just take a pillow to school! (and stop by Starbucks on the way there) Algebra can’t be too important, can it?

(Julia, me, the human): uhh yeah it is kinda important..



2) Every morning you should eat a healthy balanced breakfast, of milk and.. bread?

(me, again): It’s all we had okay? just go with it

Eat your bread, children.


Since you probably slept in past breakfast, make sure to stock up on healthy snacks like these to get through the day!

(julia still): oh gosh.. if you get detention for this Brooklyn, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you


3) Try to stay away from your phone during school and while doing homework to make sure you get all the information you need.


However, if you really can’t stay off your phone you can always do the “I’m just reading” trick!


See, no one will have any idea that you’re on your phone!

(the human): Brooklyn, if you don’t stop encouraging this behavior, I won’t even be able to post this! Do you really want me to have to replace your role in a post with Ava, AGAIN?

Julia, come on! I’m helping


4) Lastly, make sure to take good and detailed notes in all of your classes.


I mean you could always just write out the lyrics to Missing You by All Time Low instead..(or whatever your favorite song is, but if this isn’t your fav song you’re doing something wrong..)


And from a distance it’ll just look like you’re a very dedicated note-taker!

*if all actions in mentioned in this post are completed you could very easily fail or get suspended so uh yeah i’m warning you now; brooklyn is not a top-notch student and you shouldn’t blame me if you end up like her

Hey, its Julia again! Sorry about the abrupt end of this post, but sadly I had to remove Brooklyn from infront of the camera.. I’m seriously concerned about how she doesn’t get caught everyday..

Please don’t follow her bad advice!

Good luck on surviving school this year! I know y’all will need it 😉

But anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

See ya next time!

-Julia -3

lemongrass and sleep// sawyer photoshoot

(inspo for this post& life pretty much goes all to loren)


she smells like lemongrass and sleep


she tastes like apple juice and peach


you would find her in a polaroid picture


and she, means everything to me


i’d never tell, no i’d never say a word


and oh it aches, but it feels oddly good to hurt


she smells like lemongrass and sleep


she tastes like apple juice and peach


and i’ll be okay, admiring from afar


cause even when she’s next to me, we could not be more far apart


cause she tastes like birthday cake and story time and fall


but to her, I taste of nothing at all.

♥ she// dodie clark ♥

okay so i’ve been really obsessed with dodie clark lately.. if you haven’t heard of her, you need to go right now and check out her youtube channel! some of my favorite songs are:

-she (the song this post is based on)

-would you be so kind?

-sick of losing soulmates

-dear happy

-and like pretty much all her other songs

also if you follow me on my doll instagram (, please know that i made a spam account as well! it’s! so pretty much just my normal account name  plus “.spam”. so yeah, you should go follow that to hear my rant about life and all that good stuff.

also i’m meeting my internet best friend haley, in 6 DAYS (ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessshowwwww) after knowing her for about a year and a half now, and i’m sooooo excited that i sometimes forget to breathe properly.. whoops. 🙂

-Julia -3

p.s. i’m seriously so excited to meet haley you have no freaking ideaaaa

p.p.s if you haven’t heard missing you by all time low before, listen to it. its a gr8 one.


A New Name// Ag Photostory

Raven’s POV:


“Hey guys, it’s Raven! In a recent Family Meeting we noticed that none of us spent enough time with our Palomino horse, Star, and decided that re-naming her might help us all bond with her! In reality it just started a bit of a war between us dolls, but we did end up deciding on a name!”


“After many hours of strenuous decision making and many, many weird name suggestions; we finally decided on…”


“Sweetie Pie Princess!”, Riley exclaimed.

“Riley? Where did you come from? Get down from there! And no! That’s not the name we chose! You were the only person that even voted for it!” I said. I don’t think I’ll ever successfully make a post for Julia’s blog with out being interrupted by sisters..


“Yeah, who is their right mind would vote for a name like that when ‘Aubrey II’ is an option?! It’s obviously much better!”Aubrey said with a hair flip, appearing out of no where.

“Where are you all coming from! I told you guys to leave me alone!” I said, exasperated. “And no, we did not decide on Aubrey the Second for Star’s new name.”

“I don’t see why not!?” Aubrey muttered.


“Aubrey II? Isn’t that the name of that giant man eating plant from ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Actually that seems quite fitting for you, Aubrey.. Wait, now that I say it out loud, I think it was actually ‘AuDrey II’ not ‘AuBrey’.. Oh well! Same difference.” Maisy said, also showing up randomly from who-knows-where.



“Aubrey, chill out!” Maisy exclaimed. “Anyway, your more of a redhead than I am! So what does that even mean?!”


“Hey y’all!” London said.

“Oh no, not you too!” I moaned.

“Don’t worry”, London whispered. “I have a plan.”


“Riley! I just saw Ava trying to play with your dolls!” London cried. “Aubrey and Maisy? I need y’all to come defend me from Lilah! She called me a ‘burnt apple slice*’ for being a redhead!!!”


“SHE DID NOT!!!”, Riley, Aubrey, and Maisy all said in simultaneous gasps of horror.

Then they all ran back into the house to destroy these evil-doers.


“You’re welcome”, London said smugly. “Now I better go before Ava and Lilah get pulverized..” And then she ran off after her sisters.


What in the world did I just witness..

“Anyways, the name that we finally decided on was..



“I think you mean AUDREY THE SECOND!”, I hear, shouted from the distance.

I’m going to ignore that.

“We’re all huge Percy Jackson fans, and love the character Calypso! So Star is now Calypso, with Cal as her nickname!”

*yes, i got the line “burnt apple slice” from aglovepug’s amazing stopmotion called “under the bed”. go check it out.

I’m actually kinda proud of this post seeing as how I had only a slight plan and otherwise made it up as I went!

Who is your favorite Percy Jackson character? Favorite PJ ship? If you could rename Calypso/ have your own horse, what would you name them? What kind of horse would you want to have? Do you have a horse? If you do, that’s pretty cool

Bye guys!

-Julia -3

p.s. I’m meeting my internet bestie, Haley, in 12 days and I’m SO PUMPED


Moonlight// AG Song Photoshoot


she always has a smile
from morning to the night


the perfect poster child
that was once in my life


a doll made out of glass
all her friends think that she’s great


but I can see through it all
and she’s about to break


remember last year when you told me
to always stay here and never leave me


the light from your eyes made it feel like
we were dancing in the moonlight


remember last year when you told me
that these will be lifelong stories


the light from your eyes made it feel like


we, we’re dancing in the moonlight

I took some pictures of Ava. And I missed the release of the music video for Grace Vanderwaal’s song Moonlight because I was at camp. So I combined the two things and made this.

-Julia -3

p.s. typing “the light from your eyes” made me thing of the song, The Light Behind Your Eyes, by MCR and I may or may not be crying now… i swear i’m not my eyes are just sweating


My 5 Favorite AGTubers// Sawyer



Today’s post is going to be taken over by the one and only, Sawyer Noelle!


Hey guys! Since I’m a basic modern teenager, I spend way too much time on YouTube. So today I’m here with Yankee to tell you about my 5 main favorite AGTubers! Y’all should definitely check these peeps out  when I’m done, because they’re great!

1. AGsmiless.png


I found AGsmiless through her series “Aspen Heights’ which is seriously AMAZING like you need to binge watch every season like right now if you haven’t already! And her other series are great too! I really like her “19 Dolls and Counting” videos too! So funny!

1. AGsmiless (1).png


I guess Yankee got bored and left me, but anyway, I really don’t know why but I really love agwebkinz010 channel! Her videos are great!

1. AGsmiless (2)


I came across AGLovePug’s stopmotion, Under the Bed, a couple weeks ago and INSTANTLY fell in love with her channel! I love how she isn’t afraid to stray from the stereotypical “happy and fluffy” style that american girl dolls are usually associated with! Her videos are hysterical!

1. AGsmiless (3).png


I don’t know why, but I really enjoy watching DeenaandBeena’s unpacking etsy and ebay haul videos!

1. AGsmiless (4)


It’s no secret that basilmentos stopmotions are QUALITY content! They’re seriously amazing!


Bye everybody! See ya next time!

Do you spend too much time on YouTube too? Do we have any of the same favorite AGTubers? Who is your favorite AGTuber? Do you have a YouTube channel?

-Julia -3

p.s. I’m going to be at camp for a week so no posts :/


Maisy// Yet another photo shoot, but I have My Reasons


I know you all are probably so incredibly done with seeing photoshoot, after photoshoot of my dolls, but I have good reasons! My parents are currently away for nine days on a wedding anniversary cruise. And they took my camera with them. I had more photostories and regular posts planned, but I didn’t have opportunities to take photos before them before my parents left. With my camera.

But I did whoever get a chance to take this photoshoot of Maisy for my doll instagram ( And I ended up actually liking it. And its pretty much all I have at this point… So I’m going to share it with you! Enjoy!










Complete credit to my older sister for putting together Maisy’s outfit!

I hope to be able to post something besides a photo shoot soon!

Have a great rest of the summer!

-Julia -3

p.s. happy late independence day, y’all!