//we’ll never surrender//



















we come together
state of the art
we’ll never surrender
the kids in the dark
so let the world sing
“what a shame
what a shame
beautiful scars
on critical veins”

kids in the dark// all time low

{post style inspired by loren}

There’s only about 10 days left to enter in my giveaway! So make sure to do so, if you haven’t already!

I’ve been meaning to make a photostory to kinda fully introduce my new doll, Forest, to you guys, but I really haven’t had the time or energy to do so yet, but maybe I can get it up by next week? I don’t know.. I hope so! Be on the look out for that post!

Make sure to follow my doll instagram @love.my.dollies as well to get sneak peeks at posts like this!

Also as you may be able to tell by the content of this post, I’ve recently become obsessed with All Time Low. HOW CAN ONE BAND BE THIS AMAZING??

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this sister photoshoot I did with Lilah and Brooklyn!

Peace out, ma cheeze ballz!

-Julia -3

do you like all time low? what’s your favorite band? are you also severely lacking in free time due to this school year? do you have tips on how to acquire more free time??? comment themmmm


Meet Forest


I finally bought a new doll! This is a doll I’ve been wanting for about 2 years now! And I finally got her!

So please welcome,


Truly Me #55, Forest!

Forest does not yet have a middle or last name.

Forest is probably about 14 years old and is definitely on the more emo side of things 😉

I chose her name because I loved the name, thought it was fitting for her, and is also the name of a Twenty One Pilots song that I love! don’t any of you dare make forest fic references in the comments

I’ll probably be adding her to my Meet the Dollies page soon! And I might do a photostory about her first time meeting my other dolls!

Reminder: I’m currently doing a giveaway! So if you haven’t already, check that out here!

Sorry for such the short post, I literally had 20 minutes of free time today to make this!

Do you have doll #55? Whats her name? If you could buy one doll, which would it be? Are you also lacking free time to do anything?? ‘Cause same!

-Julia -3.png

100 Followers Giveaway! {Please Read}

storm (1)

I’m finally hosting a giveaway!!!

I recently hit 100 followers on this blog! And as a celebratory Thank You, to all of you lovely people, I will be holding a giveaway!

But before we begin I would just like to say thank you so much to each and every one of you! I love you all so much, and the support you’ve shown me and my blog is just incredible! Thank you!

Now let’s get right into this thing!
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100 Followers! + Giveaway Poll!! {please read}

xian& rian.png



In celebration of this, I’m hosting my first ever giveaway!!

The thing is, I don’t know what to give away. Since one of y’all will be winning, it only makes sense that you should get to choose what I’m giving away, right?!

So here’s a poll:
Which two things do you want to see being given away? (I know you can vote for multiple things, please choose two)

Please only vote for two things, even though you are physically able to vote for more than two. Also feel free to add your own preferred prize in the “other” section. (preferably an ag product under $15, i’m not made of money..)

Please vote by tomorrow afternoon, because that’s when I’m going to the AG store! (and I may or may not be getting a new doll 😉 )

An official giveaway post, will be posted tomorrow (probably) !!!!

Thank you so much again for 100 followers!!

-Julia -3

p.s. if the poll is somehow not working, please let me know! also if anyone could help me figure out how to get the poll like actually on my blog and not just as a link that’d be gr8 cuz i did it once but now i forgot how and im confuuussseeddd

My Doll’s Favorite YouTubers

My Doll's Favorite Youtubers!.png

Like me, all of my dolls are YouTube Trash™

Also I may or may not be at a serious lack for post ideas and inspiration. I do have plans for more “episodes” of Making Fandom Merch for my Dolls. However, I don’t want to do only those posts, like does anyone even like those posts??

So since instead of thinking up post ideas, I’ve been wasting my time on YouTube. That gave me the “idea” to talk about each of my dolls favorite YouTubers. How exciting.

By the way, I just recently updated my “Meet The Dollies” page a LOT, so definitely go check that out! Especially since I’ll be referring to my dolls by their first name, and you can have that page open in another tab in case you aren’t familiar with who is who!

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Making Doll Merch// Dodie Clark

In Which I attempt to make Dodie Clarkmerch for my dolls (1).png
is it dodie yellow though? yes, yes it is; i used the exact color code # she gave us..

Dodie Clark is an obsession, and I sadly own none of her merch..

I absolutely love Dodie Clark and everything she creates! And so do some of my dolls! So, I decided to try and DIY some merch for my dolls, since I’m quite sad I can’t afford any, myself.

All of this was created by my own imagination, with the help of a little inspiration.

Also check out her merch page, because she’s amazing.

Who knows, this may become a little series?! Would anyone be interested in that? Like going through my many fandoms and making doll sized merch! That’d be so cool!

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