dear happy// ag song photoshoot


i missed you dearly

thought I was nearly

there forever, at last together


is our time fleeting?

is even meeting, a healthy idea or am i getting to near?


don’t try to fight it

you’re/i’m here for tonight

and i’ll be waiting for you

until we meet again


i know its scary

but don’t be wary

if we don’t have that long

let’s not waste it feeling wrong


this isn’t the end

i’m your lifelong friend

sure it’s been a while

but i’ll be here when you smile


so don’t try to fight it

you’re/i’m here for tonight

and i’ll be waiting for you

until we meet again


would you mind staying?


it’s getting late, but i will visit you soon

so just try to get through


and don’t try to fight it

you’re/i’m here for tonight

and i’ll be waiting for you

until we meet again


i’ll be waiting for you

until we meet again

this was featuring one of my favorite songs ever “dear happy” by dodie clark featuring thomas sanders (two of my favorite people).

if you don’t know of them or haven’t heard dodie’s stuff before pleasee go check them out on youtube!

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-Julia -3

Meet the Minis +Riley Photo Dump

HALDEN (1).png

I have four mini dolls, that my doll Riley loves very dearly. I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced you to each of them so Riley will do that now! And at the end I’ll dump some pictures of Riley onto you, because why not.

****Riley will be talking in black and her mini dolls will be talking in the blue!


HIIIIIIII EVERBODY!!!! It’s Riley!! Julia is finally letting me introduce you all to my dolls!! First up we have,

This is Caroline. Say Hi, Caroline!!

Hi!! Wait, who am I saying hi too?

All of Julia’s blog followers!!

Ooo fun!!

Caroline is very fun and loving and would love to be friends with everyone! She’s not afraid of anything and is a daredevil (veryyyy Gryffindor) Also she is 13 years old. Anything else?

I have a passion for cheese cake.

Okay then.. Well that’s Caroline for ya!

Next is Emily! Say Hello to Julia’s blog, Emily!



So, this is Emily! Emily is the one Brit in the entire family! She moved here from England last March! Emily is 10 years old and she loves cooking and reading. She puts a lot of effort into her school work and she loves to learn. She might not reach out to you right away because she is a bit shy, but that’s okay!

Yup. Sounds about right

HIYA!! I’m Josie and I loveeeeeee sugarrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also really like llamas, cheerleading and ummmmmmmm CUPCAKES!!

Well then.. I see you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Josie!


Josie! You just ate!! Anyways, as she said, Josie likes cheerleading, llamas(?), and… sugar. She would most likely be found somersaulting, cartwheeling or eating a cupcake. She’s also a proud Slytherin. She really has the Slytherin quality of deciding what you want and making sure you get it. In her case its mostly with cupcakes..


JOSIE NO!!! That’s Carolines!!! Put it back!!

Let’s move on, shall we?

This is Elizabeth! Say Hi to Julia’s blog followers!

Hi!! How are you all doing?!

Elizabeth is 14 years old. She loves small animals and making friends! She is not shy at all, and is very sweet and kind to everyone she meets! She is very motherly towards all of the other mini dolls, but she is also pretty much best friends with each of them. Elizabeth loves baking with Emily. She also has many nicknames such Eliza, Lizzy, Beth, Betsy, and many many more.

Aww thanks that was so sweet!

Just telling the truth!

Now here’s some photos of Riley to keep you occupied while we go make sure Josie hasn’t eaten ALL of Caroline’s cheese cake!


It’s Julia again! I hope you enjoyed these pictures and getting to meet the minis! I’m thinking about maybe getting a craft tutorial for the minis out soon? Would y’all like that?  Until then, goodbye my friends!

-Julia -3

p.s. Josie may or may not be sneaking on later to answer comments!! 


Brooklyn’s Soccer PhotoShoot + Poll


Brooklyn's First Ever PhotoShoot!.jpg

Welcome to my first ever photoshoot of Brooklyn! I hope y’all like this post as much as Brooklyn likes soccer! (Also please just ignore her wack-a-doodle eyes… she’s an old doll that’s been through a lot..)



Please vote! Thank you!

If you want to see sneak-peeks of future photoshoots, be sure to follow my instagram!

-Julia -3

Ava’s Review of Harry Potter Legos


(if y’all haven’t caught on yet, i love they word “salutations”)

I haven’t posted on here in forever, so here’s a really long post to make up for it (kinda). Also if you want to read about why I wasn’t posting then go read some recent posts on my other blog shameless self-promo But since this is going to be a bit long, let’s get right into:

Ava's Review of...

This post is now officially being taken over by Ava.



#1: Gryffindor Harry


#2: Ron Weasley


#3: Hermione Granger


#4: Quidditch Draco


#5: “Muggle” Harry


#6: Quidditch Harry (why he is on my shoulder, I do not know)


#7: You Know Who/He Who Shall Not Be Named/Evil Snake Man/Voldemort


#8: The Snapester

Characters (1).png

I love them all so much! Some of them have double faces too! Like if you turn their head around there’s another face on the back and you can use their hair to cover up the other face! Here is the other faces of the ones that have this

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Its such a neat feature!

I absolutely love these! They are so detailed!! And they remembered some little factors, such as

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#1: The Quidditch Draco and Harry have their Seeker’s gloves on!

#2: Draco’s broomstick (his Nimbus 2001) is black!

#3: Voldy’s wand is that weird grayish bone color!

Characters (2).png

Okay, okay. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE these and am so grateful to have them, but here are some of the annoying things about them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#1: Don’t even get me started on the capes… They’re really freaking annoying…

#2: Popping their arms into their shoulder sockets is REALLY hard to do.. And its even harder to do when you’re trying to get a cape inbetween the socket thing and the arm. ughhh.  That torn red cape is Harry’s quidditch cape.. may it rest in peace

#3: Snape doesn’t have a wand??? I really don’t know why, but yeah. That’s a thing

Characters (3).png


My favorite is Ron. I don’t know why, he just is!

I hope all of you liked this post!

anddddd It’s me, Julia, again! Hello! I hope y’all enjoyed Ava’s post!

(these legos came in a pack that you could probably find on Amazon)

I’m going to go now, because I have to go to school :/

Have a nice day!

-Julia -3.png

Comment below:

Question of the Day- Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character!

My Answer- Luna Lovegood, Oliver Wood, or Molly Weasley!

Doll Family Updates


I’m very sorry I haven’t been posting but school has been soooo busy! Its finals tests season so I’ve been doing a lot of studying, I’m in my school’s play and rehearsals are almost every day, and recently one of my classmates passed away. So I’ve kinda been dealing with all of that and just trying to get my life back on track, and my blog really hasn’t been my main focus. I hope you all understand, and I hope I can get back to blogging regularly as soon as possible!

Now onto this post,

I’ve gotten a lot more dolls in the past year so I figured I should do a bit of an update to help y’all keep them all straight and not get them very confused. Here is their new family picture:


And as you can see, my newest dolls have been named! I’m going to quickly go through all of my dolls names. (from left to right)

  • Pleasant company Felicity now named Aubrey Lizzy
  • MAG #23 now named Ava Peyton
  • BeForever Rebecca now named Lilah Kate
  • Pleasant company Molly now named Brooklyn (no middle name yet)
  • MAG #24 now named Sawyer Noelle
  • Modern Girls doll now named Rylie  (no middle name)
  • MAG #37 now named Maisy Emily Charlotte
  • Historical Kaya now named Raven Brooke (I’m thinking of changing her name to Meredith.. what do you think?)
  • Truly Me #61 now named London Rose

I’m working out getting up a “Meet My Dolls” page or something like that, because I really want you to get to know each of their personalities!

If you have any questions about anything in this post, be sure to leave them below!

Have a nice day,

-Julia (2)

p.s. What do you think about me re-naming Raven to Meredith? And if her name is Meredith, what should her middle name be?