My 5 Favorite AGTubers// Sawyer



Today’s post is going to be taken over by the one and only, Sawyer Noelle!


Hey guys! Since I’m a basic modern teenager, I spend way too much time on YouTube. So today I’m here with Yankee to tell you about my 5 main favorite AGTubers! Y’all should definitely check these peeps out  when I’m done, because they’re great!

1. AGsmiless.png


I found AGsmiless through her series “Aspen Heights’ which is seriously AMAZING like you need to binge watch every season like right now if you haven’t already! And her other series are great too! I really like her “19 Dolls and Counting” videos too! So funny!

1. AGsmiless (1).png


I guess Yankee got bored and left me, but anyway, I really don’t know why but I really love agwebkinz010 channel! Her videos are great!

1. AGsmiless (2)


I came across AGLovePug’s stopmotion, Under the Bed, a couple weeks ago and INSTANTLY fell in love with her channel! I love how she isn’t afraid to stray from the stereotypical “happy and fluffy” style that american girl dolls are usually associated with! Her videos are hysterical!

1. AGsmiless (3).png


I don’t know why, but I really enjoy watching DeenaandBeena’s unpacking etsy and ebay haul videos!

1. AGsmiless (4)


It’s no secret that basilmentos stopmotions are QUALITY content! They’re seriously amazing!


Bye everybody! See ya next time!

Do you spend too much time on YouTube too? Do we have any of the same favorite AGTubers? Who is your favorite AGTuber? Do you have a YouTube channel?

-Julia -3

p.s. I’m going to be at camp for a week so no posts :/



5 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite AGTubers// Sawyer”

    1. I love those channels too! Studio C is so funny and I actually found out about them a couple years ago because of Brooklyn&Bailey! I’m not a huge fan of B&B’s new songs though.. they just aren’t really my style and sound super fake and autotuned to me.. :/ ~Julia ❤

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  1. My favorite is MixiePixie7. 🙂 Though I also love AGLovepug, Basilmentos, and I LOVE ASPEN HEIGHTS! I don’t really care for AGWebkinz though, in my opinion, she never sounds very enthusiastic. 😉 AGLovePug is hilarious though, lol.

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