London// Another photo shoot you would have already seen if you followed my doll instagram



if you are following my doll instagram,, like you should be #shameless self promo then you will have already seen most of the above pictures. but you should be following both my blog and instagram anyway, because i have several photo shoots that i only post on one but not the other! so you have to follow both to see them all!

and while you’re on this little following spree why don’t ya just head over and follow my other blog as well!

sorry i’m being really annoying about this but i just want all of y’all to be able to see all the various stuff i’m putting out into the internet!

i know this was short but i got to go water my plant so byeeeeee

#lame excuse

-Julia -3

p.s. i literally spent like maybe 10 minutes on this post?? whoops

p.p.s. i’m really bored. somebody save me please


9 thoughts on “London// Another photo shoot you would have already seen if you followed my doll instagram”

  1. You should not be bored when I am packing for a move. Maybe you can beam over here and help me pack, and then you won’t be bored anymore? 😀
    London is really pretty!

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  2. I don’t mind you not being being professional. 🙂 I’m not professional at all.I haven’t posted in two months……….Whoopsie. London you’re lookin gorgeous as usual. Love the dress.
    P.S: April misses you

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