Meet the Minis +Riley Photo Dump

HALDEN (1).png

I have four mini dolls, that my doll Riley loves very dearly. I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced you to each of them so Riley will do that now! And at the end I’ll dump some pictures of Riley onto you, because why not.

****Riley will be talking in black and her mini dolls will be talking in the blue!


HIIIIIIII EVERBODY!!!! It’s Riley!! Julia is finally letting me introduce you all to my dolls!! First up we have,

This is Caroline. Say Hi, Caroline!!

Hi!! Wait, who am I saying hi too?

All of Julia’s blog followers!!

Ooo fun!!

Caroline is very fun and loving and would love to be friends with everyone! She’s not afraid of anything and is a daredevil (veryyyy Gryffindor) Also she is 13 years old. Anything else?

I have a passion for cheese cake.

Okay then.. Well that’s Caroline for ya!

Next is Emily! Say Hello to Julia’s blog, Emily!



So, this is Emily! Emily is the one Brit in the entire family! She moved here from England last March! Emily is 10 years old and she loves cooking and reading. She puts a lot of effort into her school work and she loves to learn. She might not reach out to you right away because she is a bit shy, but that’s okay!

Yup. Sounds about right

HIYA!! I’m Josie and I loveeeeeee sugarrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also really like llamas, cheerleading and ummmmmmmm CUPCAKES!!

Well then.. I see you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Josie!


Josie! You just ate!! Anyways, as she said, Josie likes cheerleading, llamas(?), and… sugar. She would most likely be found somersaulting, cartwheeling or eating a cupcake. She’s also a proud Slytherin. She really has the Slytherin quality of deciding what you want and making sure you get it. In her case its mostly with cupcakes..


JOSIE NO!!! That’s Carolines!!! Put it back!!

Let’s move on, shall we?

This is Elizabeth! Say Hi to Julia’s blog followers!

Hi!! How are you all doing?!

Elizabeth is 14 years old. She loves small animals and making friends! She is not shy at all, and is very sweet and kind to everyone she meets! She is very motherly towards all of the other mini dolls, but she is also pretty much best friends with each of them. Elizabeth loves baking with Emily. She also has many nicknames such Eliza, Lizzy, Beth, Betsy, and many many more.

Aww thanks that was so sweet!

Just telling the truth!

Now here’s some photos of Riley to keep you occupied while we go make sure Josie hasn’t eaten ALL of Caroline’s cheese cake!


It’s Julia again! I hope you enjoyed these pictures and getting to meet the minis! I’m thinking about maybe getting a craft tutorial for the minis out soon? Would y’all like that?  Until then, goodbye my friends!

-Julia -3

p.s. Josie may or may not be sneaking on later to answer comments!! 



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