Brooklyn’s Soccer PhotoShoot + Poll


Brooklyn's First Ever PhotoShoot!.jpg

Welcome to my first ever photoshoot of Brooklyn! I hope y’all like this post as much as Brooklyn likes soccer! (Also please just ignore her wack-a-doodle eyes… she’s an old doll that’s been through a lot..)



Please vote! Thank you!

If you want to see sneak-peeks of future photoshoots, be sure to follow my instagram!

-Julia -3


5 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s Soccer PhotoShoot + Poll”

  1. The graphics in the beginning are great!
    Although I don’t know how to fix the eyes, here’s an EPIC home remedy for her hair, which WORKS.
    1) Boil some water
    2) Let it sit for three minutes (IMPORTANT! You don’t want to melt her hair)
    3) Pour it over her hair, being careful not to get the wig cap wet
    4) Brush out her hair
    5) Let dry flat
    Ta-da! Lovely hair restored. You ought to try it.

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