Ava’s Review of Harry Potter Legos


(if y’all haven’t caught on yet, i love they word “salutations”)

I haven’t posted on here in forever, so here’s a really long post to make up for it (kinda). Also if you want to read about why I wasn’t posting then go read some recent posts on my other blog shameless self-promo But since this is going to be a bit long, let’s get right into:

Ava's Review of...

This post is now officially being taken over by Ava.



#1: Gryffindor Harry


#2: Ron Weasley


#3: Hermione Granger


#4: Quidditch Draco


#5: “Muggle” Harry


#6: Quidditch Harry (why he is on my shoulder, I do not know)


#7: You Know Who/He Who Shall Not Be Named/Evil Snake Man/Voldemort


#8: The Snapester

Characters (1).png

I love them all so much! Some of them have double faces too! Like if you turn their head around there’s another face on the back and you can use their hair to cover up the other face! Here is the other faces of the ones that have this

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Its such a neat feature!

I absolutely love these! They are so detailed!! And they remembered some little factors, such as

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#1: The Quidditch Draco and Harry have their Seeker’s gloves on!

#2: Draco’s broomstick (his Nimbus 2001) is black!

#3: Voldy’s wand is that weird grayish bone color!

Characters (2).png

Okay, okay. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE these and am so grateful to have them, but here are some of the annoying things about them.

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#1: Don’t even get me started on the capes… They’re really freaking annoying…

#2: Popping their arms into their shoulder sockets is REALLY hard to do.. And its even harder to do when you’re trying to get a cape inbetween the socket thing and the arm. ughhh.  That torn red cape is Harry’s quidditch cape.. may it rest in peace

#3: Snape doesn’t have a wand??? I really don’t know why, but yeah. That’s a thing

Characters (3).png


My favorite is Ron. I don’t know why, he just is!

I hope all of you liked this post!

anddddd It’s me, Julia, again! Hello! I hope y’all enjoyed Ava’s post!

(these legos came in a pack that you could probably find on Amazon)

I’m going to go now, because I have to go to school :/

Have a nice day!

-Julia -3.png

Comment below:

Question of the Day- Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character!

My Answer- Luna Lovegood, Oliver Wood, or Molly Weasley!


4 thoughts on “Ava’s Review of Harry Potter Legos”

  1. I JUST read Harry Potter and I LOVE IT!! My favorite characters are Tonks, Sirius, Hermione and I also love all the Weasleys. But if I had to pick only one, then I’d say Tonks (and Sirius… :D) cause Tonks is awesome. *cries*

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