Doll Family Updates


I’m very sorry I haven’t been posting but school has been soooo busy! Its finals tests season so I’ve been doing a lot of studying, I’m in my school’s play and rehearsals are almost every day, and recently one of my classmates passed away. So I’ve kinda been dealing with all of that and just trying to get my life back on track, and my blog really hasn’t been my main focus. I hope you all understand, and I hope I can get back to blogging regularly as soon as possible!

Now onto this post,

I’ve gotten a lot more dolls in the past year so I figured I should do a bit of an update to help y’all keep them all straight and not get them very confused. Here is their new family picture:


And as you can see, my newest dolls have been named! I’m going to quickly go through all of my dolls names. (from left to right)

  • Pleasant company Felicity now named Aubrey Lizzy
  • MAG #23 now named Ava Peyton
  • BeForever Rebecca now named Lilah Kate
  • Pleasant company Molly now named Brooklyn (no middle name yet)
  • MAG #24 now named Sawyer Noelle
  • Modern Girls doll now named Rylie  (no middle name)
  • MAG #37 now named Maisy Emily Charlotte
  • Historical Kaya now named Raven Brooke (I’m thinking of changing her name to Meredith.. what do you think?)
  • Truly Me #61 now named London Rose

I’m working out getting up a “Meet My Dolls” page or something like that, because I really want you to get to know each of their personalities!

If you have any questions about anything in this post, be sure to leave them below!

Have a nice day,

-Julia (2)

p.s. What do you think about me re-naming Raven to Meredith? And if her name is Meredith, what should her middle name be?



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