3 New Dolls! (WHAT!!!)

Salutations, frens!

March 26th was my 13th birthday. And for my birthday my oldest sister gave me her two American Girl dolls that she grew out of, which are Molly and MAG #23. And then both of my sisters worked together and bought me a brand new Rebecca doll! So today I am briefly introducing them to you, but they will each have their own introductory post sometime hopefully soon.

*My dad is using my memory card right now, so these pictures were taken from my phone

  1. Miss Molly McIntire


Molly has a few issues, because she is very well.. loved. But I love her all the same! Her “age” will probably be around 16 years old. She is very nice and caring, and also pretty sporty. Like I said I’ll do a much more in-depth personality for her in the future. Please comment any re-name suggestions you have for her!

2. MAG #23


This beauty was previously named Mikayla, but I don’t think I’m going to keep that. She is a baker, and very friendly. I don’t have much more of a personality for her and her age will be somewhere from 11-14. Please comment names for her as well!

3. Β Miss Rebecca Rubin


(My sisters also bought me the dress she is wearing!) Like the Rebecca character, she is very into performing arts and would love to be on Broadway. And no, I’m not going to keep her historical, she will be modernized. I think I will be re-naming her as well so please comment suggestions!

As you can tell, I like to give dolls my own name, because I think it makes them more unique and helps me bond with them personally. So please comment suggestions for all of them!

I’m so incredibly happy to have these 3 brown-haired beauties joining my doll family, so a HUGE thank you to my sisters!!

~Julia ❀

p.s. I just realized that every single day my favorite song from the musical, In The Heights changes..


24 thoughts on “3 New Dolls! (WHAT!!!)”

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s sew cool! Apparently you’re only, like, two weeks older than me, lol. I think you should name Rebecca Paisley or Delaney, MAG #23 Delaney or Lavender, and Molly Alexa or Diane. Happy Birthday!!!!! πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ



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  2. Congratulations on the dolls!! They are all lovely πŸ™‚
    Here are my name suggestions:
    Amie June
    Eli May
    Marcus Lea

    Have fun with your dolls, and happy late birthday!!

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  3. Congratulations! 3 dolls is a lot!

    Name suggestions for any of the dolls: Naomi, Amelia, Katie, Alexis, Emma, Jenna, Lilac, Violet, Harmony, Faith, Hope, Parker, Dylan, Hazel, Rowan, Mia, Missy, Sadie, Bella, Korie, Rachel, Sarah, Jada, Jade, Caroline, Rose, Penelope, Grace, Leah, and that’s all I can think of😜

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  4. That’s absolutely amazing! I think that the name Piper would suit Rebecca or Mikayla! You are so lucky to get all these new dolls for your B-day! Because I’m so late, here’s some birthday oreos for you, my dear: *throws oreos around like confetti*

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  5. Happy late birthday lol. Idk if you’ve named them yet, but if you haven’t, I have some suggestions. I f have… the whoops. Well, I don’t know about Rebecca, but for My AG #23, she looks like a Caroline. Here are some other names: Olivia, Lizzie, Hazel, Charlotte, Amelia, and Selene. That’s all I got lol. πŸ™‚

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