Meet Aubrey Lizzy


The other doll my sister gave me along with Sawyer Noelle is a Pleasant Company Felicity doll!

Please Welcome,


Aubrey Lizzy Merriman!

And yes, it is AuBrey not AuDrey. And her middle name is based is based off Felicity, and Merriman is because of Felicity’s last name! I’m so excited to have another green-eyed red head in the family!

Aubrey is 14 or 15 and her birthday is October 9th! Aubrey is a TOTAL extrovert. She is the “diva” or star of the show. In her eyes, she is the most important and by far the best. She can tend to be a bit bossy, and likes to have her way. Aubrey tends to get into a lot of fights and arguments with Raven, which have to be resolved by Sawyer and/or Maisy. Aubrey LOVES having attention, and thinks everyone should LOVE her.

Aubrey is the cRaZy one. She tends to have large outbursts about how everyone should be more grateful of her presence.. She isn’t really big into any hobbies, although she does enjoy reading (all my dolls do). She also enjoys writing and making up stories. When she grows up, Aubrey plans on becoming a fiction author, or having a reality T.V. show about her life. Or both!

I think once before I mentioned her being Ravenclaw, but I believe she is a Gryffindor(that is not final). Ginny Weasley is her role model! She just really enjoys reading and writing. Also, like most of my other dolls, she love Broadway! Especially Hamilton and In The Heights! She also loves Starbucks, but you might not want to let her get too much caffeine..

Aubrey’s Aesthetic:

*none of these pictures are my own*




I hope y’all enjoyed getting to know Aubrey!

~Julia ❤

p.s. shout out to God for literally everything


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