The Stages of Becoming Obsessed with Hamilton


I have a bit of a different kind of post for you today, but I’m very excited for it! So for today this post will be taken over by Maisy who is here to tell you about the stages of becoming obsessed with Hamilton!

Let’s begin!

Stage 1: You Hear About It


*reading an article online about how amazing Hamilton is*

Before your obsession can start kicking in you have to be made known to the existence of this amazingness!

Stage 2: Your Friend Becomes Obsessed


After hearing about Hamilton for the first time, you are likely to find that at least one of your friends is OBSESSED with Hamilton.

Stage 3: You Listen for the First Time


You finally give in to your obsessed friends persuasions and listen through the soundtrack. And then you do it again. And again. And then as seen in the picture, you fall in love with the soundtrack and get emotions seriously confused. You begin to be happy, in love, really mad and seriously depressed all at once with other emotions mixed in.

Stage 4: You Tell Your Friends


You become the obsessed friend that forces everyone to listen to Hamilton. Then you all fangirl together after!

Stage 5: You Do More Sad Celebration


You find yourself crying because you will never see the original cast perform live, but being super happy because Hamilton is so amazing!

Stage 6: Insanity


You spiral into insanity because you are so obsessed and don’t no what to do anymore. And then you perish because the original cast are all such cinnamon rolls and you can’t handle it.

I hope y’all liked today’s post! If you’ve never heard of Hamilton, go listen to the soundtrack NOW.

And if you are already at the point of INSANE OBSESSION, let me know in the comments so we can fangirl together!!

~Maisy & Julia ❤

p.s. they really are cinnamon rolls that are just too precious for this earth


6 thoughts on “The Stages of Becoming Obsessed with Hamilton”

  1. Definitely agree with the content of this post. That’s how it was–only I was a little reluctant to listen the first time, now–well, there’s no turning back once you’re in the fandom. XD
    Keep up the lovely work!

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  2. Ha ha! This post is amazing. Also, I AM OVSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO SAVING ME FROM THE ALL CONSUMING MONSTER OF HAMILTON OBSESSION! Also, did I come up with Sawyer’s name?


    Liked by 2 people

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