Meet Sawyer Noelle


Recently my sister “gave” (let me borrow for extended amount of time) her Felicity and her #24 dolls! Now I would like to introduce you to her #24 doll!

So please welcome,


Miss Sawyer Noelle Cole!

Don’t be fooled by the dress, she is actually a My American Girl not Truly Me doll! And since she is so old, her gorgeous blonde hair has lost a lot of its curl, but will stay if you twist it like I did her. She also has gorgeous brown eyes and freckles!

Sawyer is (currently, this may and probably will change) 14 years old. Her birthday is November 18th.  She is very sweet and quiet, and definitely an introvert. Sawyer is a Hufflepuff, and is extremely happy and friendly, but she doesn’t have many friends that aren’t her sisters because of how shy she is.

She really enjoys musical theater-although not as much as Maisy- but would never be brave enough to be in a musical or play. Sawyer also really loves baby animals, playing piano, and reading. Sawyer also really likes those detailed adult coloring books. She also has a great appreciation for fuzzy socks.

Sawyer loves the Lord and wants to everything she can to glorify Him. She finds great joy in the beautiful nature God created. Sawyer also tends to be more of the sweet, motherly type. But not quite like the mom of the house-that’s more of Raven’s job. She’s usually the only person to actually agree to playing dolls or tea party with Riley.

Sawyer’s Aesthetic:

*(these pictures are found off google, and are not mine)





Stay tuned for a introductory post like this with Aubrey!

~Julia ❤

p.s. shoutout to God for literally everything


11 thoughts on “Meet Sawyer Noelle”

  1. That’s awesome! I’m not much of an AG fan (though I was a AG model once, and read a lot of the AG books when I was little), but I really love seeing the different personalities and stories of all the dolls. She looks super cute, and I love her aesthetic! 😛 Awesome post, Julia! 😀

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