Photo shoot with my cousins! (And dolls of course!) Part 1


Recently I went over to my cousins house to take some doll pictures because their backyard is amazing! My cousins helped me take pictures which was really fun! (They’re 6,8, and 10 years old by the way! 🙂 ) We ended up taking about 100 pictures.. I narrowed it down a lot and then split it in half! Here is the first half!


My cousins actually took a few of these pictures themselves! So credit to them, they did a great job! Also in the next few days (It might be already up by the time I post this) I will posting a photo shoot on my other blog I did of my cousins! It was my first time doing human doing human photography and it turned out so cute!

Stay tuned till next week!

~Julia ❤

p.s. I’ll probably be doing less photo shoots in the future, and focusing more on photo stories, because I want to do something with an actual story to it, and because I’ve had so many stories building up in my head lately!


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