My AG Doll Shoe Collection {Part 2}

Hello Internet!

My last post was part 1 of this collection displaying process, so I’m continuing it here, because believe it or not I have MORE shoes. Like take the amount of shoes, I, the human have. Multiply it by like 20. And that’s how many shoes I have for my dolls. It’s a lot.

DISCLAIMER: In these posts I am in no way trying to brag about how many doll shoes I own, or anything like that, I am simply showing y’all the different shoes I have, because I feel like it. Maybe y’all will find some way for these to be entertaining for you, or helpful or something? But yeah. I’m not trying to brag.


I’m not quite sure when or where or even why I got/have these, but they are like sqiushy plastic black flats that my dolls hardly ever wear.


Here we have a pile of fabric, I mean.. These are Kaya’s meet shoes! At least these were the ones from 2009, I’m not quite sure if they’ve changed them at all..


These were my Modern Girl’s doll’s (Riley) meet shoes!


These are just some Springfield Style shoes I inherited from my sister!


These are some black Springfield style converse, that I got for free somehow like two years ago. Not quite sure how that happened.. But yeah I LOVE these shoes! I almost always have a doll in these shoes! The only thing is, the laces are a little long, as you can see in the picture, but it isn’t too bad!


This pile of fabric is Kaya’s Pow Wow Moccassins! I got Kaya’s Pow Wow set for my birthday like 3 years ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo shoot of Raven in it, even though I really like it. That needs to happen.


I got a ballet set from Springfield Style dolls like two years ago, and these are the shoes from that.


These are some My Life As cowgirl boots, I picked up at Walmart like a pretty long while ago. But I love them, and they are perfect for my doll horse, Star! Who you can see here (See if you can spot these shoes in that post! It should be pretty easy!)


These are my most recent edition to the shoe family! I picked these up at Micheals about a month ago, and they are Springfield Style Dolls brand, and I love them!!


I may be wrong about this, and please correct me if I am, but I believe that these are Felicity’s meet shoes.. I got them from my sister who has Felicity so I just kind of assumed, but my sister isn’t completely sure herself so I don’t really know if they are Felicity’s or not.

And, that is all* my shoes!

~Julia ❤

*I mean there is probably like at least three pairs like floating around throughout my house, that didn’t make it into these posts but I’m not sure where those are at the moment so..


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