Custom Dolls

Hello Internet!

I’ve been thinking about about custom dolls for a while now, and I don’t think I’m going to make one too soon, but hopefully I will some day. But basically what this post is about is if I made any custom dolls, this is what they look like.

1. Caleb Logan

The AGTuber Agwebkinz010 has a custom boy doll in honor of Caleb Logan from Bratayley, and I love Bratayley so much, having a Caleb Logan doll is definitely a dream of mine!

2. Tyler Joseph

(picture credit to blurryfacedolls on instagram!)

Okay, if you somehow don’t know this yet, I am obsessed with twenty one pilots. A custom Tyler doll would be like the best thing ever!! Also if I made a custom Tyler he might not have the black neck and hand paint,and I don’t think I’d give him the red eyes, but he’d probably have a red beanie on most of the time and like a black shirt and I’d definitely get him a black flower kimono!

3. Josh Dun

(again photo credit to blurryfacedolls on instagram)

I can’t have a Tyler doll and not have a Josh doll! I really like how blurryfacedolls did theirs on instagram and I’d probably get the same or a similar wig, but then not glue it on and have other ones in different colors so my Josh can change his hair color as much as he wants just like the real Josh! So maybe I’ll have a pink/red one and a blue one? I don’t know..

4. A Random Girl

Maybe I’ll just make like a random custom not based off anyone in particular. I think that could be cool! Like maybe I could make one that looks really different from any TM’s out there or with like dyed hair or something!

I probably will never get around to making these dolls but if I do make a custom doll ever it will probably be one of these.

What is your dream custom doll? If you do, what do they look like?

~Julia ❤


2 thoughts on “Custom Dolls”

  1. I love custom dolls! That first boy doll is really cute! 🙂 If I could make any custom doll, it would probably be some sort of Star Wars character! Or a book character! 🙂


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