Changing Things Up

Hello Internet!

Recently, I have decided that I want to change the ages of my dolls. And I could explain in full detail why I’m changing their ages.. but to make it a lot shorter and simpler. I felt like it.

1. Riley


First, here name changed from Rylie to Riley although it is still pronounced the same. Riley’s birthday is April 3rd and she is currently 5. I know its weird that I made her younger but.. oh whale. She is five years old and is obsessed with pink, dolls, and princesses!

2. Maisy


Maisy isn’t changing. Her birthday is still September 26 and her she is still 11.

3. Raven


Raven’s birthday is still August 17th, but she is 12 now instead of 13!

4. London


London’s birthday is February 24th and she is 12 as well, but she is older than Raven because Raven just turned 12 in August, but London is turning 13 in a February. So they are currently both 12 but London is older.

So those are my dolls birthdays and new ages! Hope you some how found this interesting!

Have a Nice Day!

~Julia ❤


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