Making Doll Sized Posters

Hello Internet!

My dolls rooms needed to be spiced up a bit, and I wanted to give them a little gift, so I made them each a poster to hang near their bed!

Okay, so this first poster is being made for Raven and London to share, and it is a Twenty One Pilots poster  because both of them really like their music!


So first I cut out a 4 inch by 4 inch square of black construction paper.


Then I cut out these pieces of paper


Then I cut out a white circle, glued it down and glued the other pieces on top, and its done!

Then for Maisy I made a Harry Potter poster


I literally just cut out a piece of white paper and then I took two markers and yeah. It was pretty simple.

Then for Riley I literally just cut a part out of an AG catalog


Definitely the easiest one.

Are you going to make posters for your dolls? If so what will they look like?

~Julia ❤


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