Q&A With Raven! (please read)

Hello Internet!


Raven will be doing a Q&A, so please comment some questions for her to answer in a few days! You can comment as many questions as you’d like! And any questions you’d like to ask!

You could seriously ask anything from:

What’s your favorite ______?


What is the meaning of life?

and Raven will answer it!

Ask away!

~Julia ❤


6 thoughts on “Q&A With Raven! (please read)”

  1. Ok! Raven…..what’s your favorite color? What kinda Shoe do you like to wear? Shorts or skirts? Bracelets or necklaces? Headbands or bows? Are you a girly girl? What’s your favorite blog(beside your own)!

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  2. Who is your role model ? (It can’t be a family member. I’m talking singer, writer, semi famous person, actor), Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos? Who is your favorite superhero? Would you survive in a zombie apocalypse? Your house is on fire you have 3 seconds what do you grab? (Can’t be a pet) Current favorite song? Where have you always wanted to visit? Private jet, Beach house, or Castle? (Pick one) What is your best friends name? Where are you from? Jeans or leggings? Heels or flats? Captain America or Iron Man? You are being chased by a pyschopathic killer, are the doors are locked do you Panic, Fight it, Scream, or Find a way out? You have to team up with someone in order to survive, who do pick out of these Aqua Man, Sherlock, or Bing Bong?

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