Harry Potter Facts About My Dolls

Hello Internet!

Most of you don’t know this, but my dolls, like me attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Also like me they use a time turner so they can go to muggle school and Hogwarts, because muggle education is important. So I decided to give you some Harry Potter related facts about my dolls!

p.s. Rylie doesn’t go to Hogwarts or muggle school, because she is homeschooled and isn’t old enough for Hogwarts

1) Raven Brooke (Kaya)

Raven is in her second year at Hogwarts! (I know she is 13 but her birthday was like just inside the cut off line so shes like the oldest second year of them, instead of the youngest 3rd year. I know, its weird.)

Raven is a Gryffindor, and is VERY tired of hearing that she should be in Ravenclaw, because her name is Raven!!!

Raven’s favorite class is Transfiguration. Raven also tried out for the quidditch team this year, and didn’t make it, but she hopes to be a chaser or keeper someday!

Raven also has an owl that has gold markings that she named Snidget.

2) Maisy Emily Charlotte (MAG #37)

Maisy is a first year, Ravenclaw! The sorting hat was seriously considering putting her into Hufflepuff, but he decided on Ravenclaw! And Maisy is very happy with his decision.

Maisy’s favorite class is probably charms, although she enjoys all of them! Maisy has no interest in trying out for quidditch, since she isn’t very athletic like Raven. Maisy prefers to spend time in the library with her cousin Felicity (my sister’s doll, who is also a Ravenclaw).

Maisy and Felcity share a cat named Licorice.

3) London Rose (TM #61)

London is a 3rd year, Hufflepuff! The sorting hat didn’t even question whether or not to put her into Hufflepuff! London is a very proud Hufflepuff, no matter how bad she thinks yellow looks on her.

London HATES it when people say that Hufflepuffs are lame.

London’s favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures, or Herbology. London also has no interest in trying out for quidditch.

London does not currently have a magical pet, but she is planning on getting an owl or cat soon.

I hope you guys enjoyed this very random post! I’ll definitely do this with Rylie once she goes to Hogwarts, and I might do it with my sisters dolls, my dolls cousins in the future! Would you guys like that?

~Julia ❤


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