Felicity V.S. TM #61

Hello Internet!

I own, Truly Me #61, and my sister has Felicity so I thought, why don’t I do a post where I compare them? So here it is!

First off, the Felicity that my sister has is a original Pleasant Company doll that my mom bought for my sister off ebay in 2007!:



Okay what they have in common:

 ^<^Felicity        London^>^

They both have green eyes and they are both stunning, but Felicity’s have these gorgeous light green streaks! (sorry for the shadow, it was hard to get a good picture of their eyes with out it)

 Their both red heads! Except my sister’s Felicity, is SOO old its hair is like kinda faded and now it looks kinda brown, but originally it was way redder. and it had like these little pin curl things in the front.. but um they just kinda flattened out..


If you brushed out London’s curls, and took out the braid in felicity’s hair, they be relatively the same length.

Okay now for what’s different about them,

London’s eyebrows are feathered, and Felicity’s are just like, lines.


Here’s just a comparison of their faces, they are similar in ways, but they are pretty different.


As you can tell Felicity is a lot shorter and chubbier..


And obviously London’s hair is curly, and Felicity’s hair isn’t


So, as you can see, they are very similar but slightly different. But if you are a fan of Felicity and didn’t get to get her before she retired, Truly Me #61 would be a great substitute! And if you have one and are debating whether or not to get the other I’d say go for it! The could totally pass as sisters, twins, friends, whatever you want them to be! In my case they are cousins!!


~Julia ❤

p.s. Please follow my instagram: @love.my.dollies !!


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