Get To Know Me: Cousin Edition- Felicity !

Hello Internet!

I have done other get to know me posts with some of my dolls (click here and here) But today I thought I’d do something a little different! Today yall will get the priviledge of getting to know one of my sisters dolls, (my dolls cousins)! Please welcome, Miss Felicity Merriman!


Hey! Its Felicity!


Some basic things you need to know about me, I’m 14 and I LOVE school, especially reading!!


Quick shout out to my mo, auntie julia’s sister, Ashley, for doing my amazing fishtail braid!


As I said earlier I love to read!


Thats all you really need to know about me! Bye!

That’s all for today! Sorry, for not posting recently! I’ve been trying to keep up with school and babysitting!

How would you guys like a comparison on #61 and Felicity, because I could totally make that happen!

~Julia ❤


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