AG Endless Style Game!

Hello Internet!

The other day I decided to play the Beforever Endless Style game on AG’s website, and I took some pictures! Here they are!


Okay so the first girl I did was based off myself, and here she is!


So I know I’m not a redhead but that was the closest hair color they had to my own. But I would totally wear that outfit! Especially the Converse 🙂


This nest girl is based off my Kaya doll, Raven. SO I know Kaya has much longer hair and no bangs but, oh whale. My Kaya doll is modernized, so I decided to put this girl in a dress from Kayas collection that was like really cute and modern, and it still gives off her Native American vibe! And I TOTALLY LOVE her shoes!


Okay, so this is supposed to be London Rose (which is Truly Me #61) and it actually kind of looks like her! I went through about 50,000 different outfit combos on her, and this is the one I settled on!


This is Rylie who is a Modern Girls doll,  and she LOVES pink, so I thought this outfit would be cute on her!


Last, is #37, Maisy! I know I used the same girl as the one I used for me, even though she doesn’t really match either of us, but they didn’t have a lot of options and it was the closest thing they had. But yeah I think she looks really cute 🙂

I know this was kind of a random post but.. whatever..


~Julia ❤


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