3 (more) EASY Hairstyles for Short Haired Dolls

Hello Internet!

I know how hard it is to find easy, but still cute hairstyles for dolls with short hair! I’ve done a post like this before so click here to see it! These ones are a bit more complicated but still super simple!


1. The Cute, But Nameless Hairstyle!


First, take a chunk of hair from the front of her hair in the front of her head on the other side of her head from her part like this. (sorry for the blur)

Now brush the chunk of hair up, and back diagonally, if that makes sense.


Put a band on it, and your done!



2. Half Up, Half Down


Grab  the top layer of her hair, like so


And put a rubber band on it and your done! It is definitely VERY easy.

And lastly,


3. The Snake Braid!

(Excuse my legs and feet, I was holding her inbetween my legs to keep her stable.. )


First, braid a front piece of hair in a simple 3 strand braid.

Take the two outside piece and push them up the middle piece like this


 Pin it back you’re done!

Will of you be trying any of these, and one was your favorite!

~Julia ❤


One thought on “3 (more) EASY Hairstyles for Short Haired Dolls”

  1. Great hairstyles! They’re all so cute! I’ve tried doing the snake braid before on long haired dolls, and it looks so cool! 😀 I’ve never thought about doing it with short haired dolls though. 🙂

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