Back 2 School: Doll Style

Hello Internet!

I started back to school last week, but today is my dolls first day! So all my dolls came to tell you guys what they are wearing on their first day, what grade they are going into and what they are looking forward to and things like that! Enjoy!


Hey guys! I’m Raven and I just turned 13 so I’m going into 7th grade, and this is what I’m wearing for the first day!


I just put my hair into a simple high pony!


I’ll be using this bag to hold all my books and such.


What I’m looking forward to the most is trying out for the school cheer team!


Hi I’m Rylie! I’m 9, so I’m going into the 4th grade! This is what I’ll be wearing on the first day!


This is how I’m going to be wearing my hair!


I will be using this lovely pink bag as a book bag!


What I’m looking forward to this year is having lots of time playing princess dress up, because unlike my sisters I’ being homeschooled this year!


Hi! I’m Maisy. I’m turning 11 in a month, and I’m going into 6th grade, and this is my first day outfit.


I’ll be wearing my hair in a cute and simple half up style.


And this is my new back pack!


I’m definitely looking forward to acting in the schools plays this year!


I’m London and I’m 13! I’m going into 8th grade, and this is my first day of school attire!


I put my hair into two cute pigtails

I got this super cute pink backpack that has one strap that Velcros in the front like this!


I’m really looking forward making new friends this year!


Bye! Have a nice school year!

~Julia ❤


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