Happy 13th Birthday Raven! Part 1!

Hello Internet!

Today is Raven’s birthday!! (it isn’t the day that I got her, and I haven’t had her for 13 years, but I decided to have August 17 to be her birthday, and that she’ll be turning 13.) Whenever a doll in my doll family has a birthday, it is a BIG ordeal! All the other dolls give her presents, she gets to wear a special outfit, and I get to play with her and only her ALL DAY(except for when I’m at school)!


 This is the birthday dress Raven is wearing today! It’s just this cute yellow dress and the truly me shoes!


This is all the presents Raven will be opening!


London gave Raven her present first!

“Her ya go! I hope you like them!”

London made her 4 duct tape bows and a rainbow loom bracelet!


“Thank you, London!”


Next up Rylie gave London her present!

Rylie got her a pen and notebook!


“Thanks so much, Rylie! I’ll write in it everyday!”


“Here’s mine! I saved up a lot to get it, so you better like it!”

Stay tuned tomorrow or the following day to see what Maisy got her and the rest of her presents!

See how to make the duct tape bows click here


If you want to know how to make the notebook and/or pen please comment below!

Have a nice day!

~Julia ❤

(sorry that this is posting late 🙂 )


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