5 Ways to Make Money and Save for an AG Doll

Hello Internet!

Today I’m gonna tell y’all how to or at least, how I save for an AG doll! In my case, I am currently not saving for an AG doll, but I’m actually saving up to go to a church youth retreat in March! So I need to save $125, not $115.

1. Doing extra chores!

This would be besides chores that you get allowance for. For Example. to get my full allowance one of the chores I have to do is weed our yard for like 10 minutes. But, once when our yard was really bad, we just came back from a long vacation, I weeded for about 3 hours and I made $10!

2. Not buying junk!

This might seem kind of obvious, but I’m really bad at it myself so.. Just don’t waste money buying small useless junk, no matter how badly you want it you don’t NEED it. Just think about how that maybe $5 for some useless something is getting you $5 dollars away from getting your doll!

3. Selling old toys/ doll clothes!

I’ve never actually done this before but I’m guessing that you could probably make a good amount of money from like a garage sale of some old stuff!

4. Allowance!

Most families do allowance differently so maybe you could ask your parents to start giving you allowance or to raise how much you get a little bit!

5. Make  a Budget!

This might take a little math, but just figure out how much you get/need to get per month, and how much you can spend per month and still be able to reach your goal in time!

I hope that this made sense/ helped you! Sorry if it didn’t!

~Julia ❤


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