Get To Know Me: London Rose

Hello Internet!

Today’s post will be taken over by my new doll, Truly Me #61, London Rose.


Hello everybody! I’m London and today I get to tell you all a little about myself!


I’m 13 (the oldest of the dolls, although I am the newest to the family), my birthday is in May, and I have bright red hair and bright  green eyes!


I love cupcakes, baking and ANYTHING Sugar! And Starbucks!!


I am VERY girly! And I LOVE E.O.S.!


I DO NOT do sports.


But I don’t mind taking a dip in the pool every once in a while..


Also I may or may not be long lost twins with Saige Copeland.. We’re still trying to figure it out.. Hopefully I can meet her in the somewhat near future! 😉


(Recognize this pic?) I’m kinda basic, I like ukuleles, Polaroids, and again STARBUCKS!


But more than ANYTHING I LOVE my siblings!!


Bye! Back to Julia!

Hello Again!

Before I go I just wanted to say, I really love London’s personality, she is so sweet, sympathetic, and supportive! She really is a great older sibling!


~Julia ❤


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