DIY AG Nail Polish!

Hello Internet!

So I had some polymer clay left that I was just trying to use up, so I made my American Girl dolls some nail polish bottles and decided to show you how to make them too!



First, pick color of clay that you want to be your nail polish color and make it into a cylinder, or whatever shape you want the base of your bottle to be!


Next, make a thinner and taller black cylinder


Then, put the black cylinder on top of the colored one, I attached them with Translucent Liquid Sculpey!


Finally, bake your clay if its polymer or let it air dry if its model magic! Then glaze only the colored half of the nail polish! If you don’t have clay glaze, than nail polish top coat works too!

And your done!

P.S. You may want to make sure it fits in your dolls hand before it completely drys or you bake it! My nail polish bottles fit perfectly in my dolls hand without using tape or anything like that to keep them in place!

~Julia ❤


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