Mind Change!

Hello Internet!

I know today is supposed to be a Top 5 Tuesday, but I decided to post about this instead. A while ago I told you all that I was getting Truly Me #39. After a little bit I changed my mind. I completely scratched the idea of number #39 and decided to narrow it down to Mary Ellen, #55, and #61. Soon after I narrowed it to #55, and #61. I’m not saying I don’t love Mary Ellen I really, really do! But I’d rather #55 or #61. It was a very hard decision, between the two, but in the end I narrowed it down to one doll. I will be going to American Girl Place Orlando to pick her up.

The thing is, I won’t tell you which one I’m getting. Yet. I will, after I get her of course! But for now I want you to guess!

I’ll give you one hint! Her name will most likely be London!

#55       or        #61!

Comment below which of these dolls you think I will be getting, and naming London!

~Julia ❤


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