Get To Know Me: Rylie Lydia

Hello Internet!

Today’s post will be taken over by my new doll Rylie!


Hello! It’s Rylie here! Julia just adopted me, so I’m new here I thought it would be fitting that I tell you all a little about myself!


I am 9 years old, and I am absolutely positive that when I’m older I will be very famous! Most likely for being a movie star or some form of royalty, because I don’t doubt that I’ll marry a prince!


This a typical outfit that you’d find me in, or anything else very fancy and/or VERY pink!

And you will never EVER find me out in public without my three P’s! Purse! Pearls! And Pink!


Your most likely to find me at a Tea Party! Or Princess training school of course!


Come closer! I have a secret to tell you!

I LOVE PINK! ❤ ! ❤ ! ❤ !


Ask me anything you guys want to know about me in comments and I’ll answer them the best that I can!!


~Rylie Lydia 😀


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