Drawstring Bag Collection!

Hello Internet!

I collect a lot of things. Weird things. That not a lot of people collect. For Example, Drawstring Bags! That was the worst introduction ever… Anyways. Today I will be showing you guys my large collection of drawstring bags. I’ll just show you a picture of each one and tell you where I got it or something like that.


1. Remember my last post, where I said I went camping at a lake. Well this is from there


2. I went to a Carrie Underwood concert and when I got the tickets they sent me this in the mail.


3. I went on a Carnival Cruise and the leader person from the Kid’s Camp thing gave me this.


4. Sorry it sideways but oh well. I got this for free from my school library in like 4th grade. The top is folded over, because it has my full name written on it


5. A while back I took a baby sitting class and they gave me this, because that’s the name of the place where I took the class.


6. I got this for free somewhere.


7. This was from my dad’s work.


8. This isn’t actually blank, its the back of it, because the front has the name of my elementary school on it.


9. Again, a bag with my school’s name on the other side!


10. I have no idea why this is sideways. But on the other side of this one it has my full name and the name of my church so I thought it best that I didn’t show it!

I think I have a few more somewhere, but I don’t know where they are so.. Yeah


~Julia ❤


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