Top 5: Cedar Point Rides!

Hello Internet!

As some of you may know I recently got back from a two week road trip! Yesterday. One of the places we went to is the well-known Ohio amusement park, Cedar Point!

Entrance to Cedar Point

So for this Top 5 Tuesday I’m doing my top 5 favorite cedar point rides!! (none of these pictures are my own)

1. Top Thrill Dragster!


This ride shoots you straight forward, straight up, over and down and back at 120 mph! These whole ride takes 17 seconds!! It’s really unique and amazing!

2. Wicked Twister!


it starts in the middle of the yellow track, goes forward and twists you up the first yellow pole and the goes backwards and twists you up the other one backwards! It goes back and forth a few times each time twisting the train higher! It also, is really unique!

3. ValRavn!


ValRavn has one of the highest drops in all the roller coasters in the world!

4. Millennium Force!


It was voted the best steel roller coaster in the world the past ten years in a row. Need I say more.

5. Maverick!


It. Was. Amazing.

So these were my personal top 5 favorite rides at Cedar Point! (Keep in mind we didn’t even get to go on ALL the rides, so these were my favorite at of the ones we went on)

Qotd: Have you been to Cedar Point?

If you have: What is your favorite ride? Why?

If you haven’t: Do you want to go? Why or why not?

~Julia ❤


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