Top 5 Tuesday: Twenty-One Pilots Songs

Hello Internet!

As some of you may know I am obsessed with a band called Twenty One Pilots. These are my top five favorite songs of theirs.

1. Heathens

They came out with a song called Heathens a few days ago and I love it! (A LOT)

2. Fairly Local

I just really like this song!

3. HeavyDirtySoul

Gangsters don’t cry therefore, therefore I’m Mr. Misty eyed. Therefore I’m

4. House of Gold

This song is really different from their other songs I just like how its kind of soft and calm

5. Lane Boy

Theres nothing about this song that I don’t love!

Obviously I like some of there other songs like Car Radio, and Migraine, and Ride but these are my top 5 favorites!

Whats your favorite TOP song?

~Julia |-/


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