New Doll!

Hello Internet!

I got a new doll! But it wasn’t either of the ones I told you I was going to get… I was going to get Madison from SF Style, but they didn’t have her so I got Kaylee from the Modern Girls brand from creatology! I’m going to rename her but I’m not yet sure what!


I really just wanted a doll with a  tight curly hair texture and she was just too cute to resist!


This is the box she came in from Michael’s craft store!


This is the outfit she came in!


Squishy, plastic purple slide on shoes


Thin, stretchy black leggings


A long, purple t-shirt


Her hair came in what i thought was two buns, but I realized later was just two really puffy ponytails!


This is just  what she looks like from the back


She even has a plush body just like AG dolls! But she doesn’t have neck strings there appears to be some sort of zip-tie instead!


The detailing in her face is amazing and she hardly looks different from an AG doll!

If your looking into getting another 18 inch doll but don’t want to pay like $100 I’d definitely recommend this brand! She’s great quality and was about $26! I used to not want to get a non-AG 18 inch doll, but now that I did I think it was a really great decision!

Do you have any non-AG 18 inch dolls, if so how many and which dolls from what brands?

~Julia ❤


7 thoughts on “New Doll!”

  1. She is just adorable! We own three Newberry dolls from Sears. They are adorable dolls, comparable to AG, but without the price tag. The only downside is that their eyes don’t close but their eyes are so pretty that we don’t mind. We also own an Our Generation doll, but we prefer AG or Newberry. 🙂

    ginnie /


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