Fixing Up Raven’s Hair

 Hello Internet!

 For those of you who don’t know, my first AG doll ever was the historical doll, Kaya, which I renamed Raven Brooke. I got her on my 5th birthday, and as you can imagine 5 year old me took Kaya’s hair and basically destroyed it. I’ve just kind of lived with it. Until now. I decided it was time to do something about this mess of nastiness called her hair. If any of you know what Kaya looks like you know she has VERY LONG (ankle length) hair that is thick, rough and dry. I took the time (like 4 hours) and slowly and carefully brushed out every little knot in her hair. I hope this picture does its jobs of showing the before and after.


Notice how one side (the brushed side) flows nicely down, while the other (the before side) sticks out like crazy ON ITS OWN! Her arm isn’t under there holding the hair out. Her arm is by her side. Her hair is doing that on its own!

Before VS After


After I did her whole head!


It just falls so nicely down her back!


But the ends are DISGUSTING! So I gave her trim!

I have to admit, it’s not perfect but, it’s SO much better than it was before!

I’m so happy with how her hair turned out! I just found a wire toothed doll brush and got to work! And I hardly used any water in her hair! Water can actually dry out dolls hair even more!

I think the next project will be tightening her limbs, especially her legs because they’ve gotten VERY loose! But I don’t really trust myself with that job, so I might have to send her in to the doll hospital!

~Julia ❤


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