Second Guessing

Hello Internet!

Remember how I told you I made the FINAL decisions on what dolls to get. That wasn’t exactly true because now I’m second guessing myself. I’m still going to be getting Madison from SF style, and a Truly Me doll.

I told yall that I’d be getting #39:


The reason I wanted to get her was because she was just so pretty and her hair was a good length and an AMAZING color. The part that troubles me is that in the front its layered so its shorter in the front. Which would make it hard to style. I watched a review of her on youtube and one of the front pieces wen like just below her chin! but that doll was a JLY or MAG. So maybe the Truly Me version isn’t like that as much? I guess I’ll have to see in the store.

The doll I am thinking about getting instead is #55!:


There’s nothing about her that I don’t like! I just feel like EVERYBODY has her.


Somethings telling me I won’t be sure which one I’m getting until I’m in the store!

~Julia ❤


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