Top 5: AG Pets

Hello Internet!

On todays Top 5 Tuesday I’ll be doing my top 5 favorite AG pets!



I have an older version of Licorice, from inbewtween 2006 and 2012 (i inherited her from my older sister about a year and a half ago) and her tail is posable and she is jst too cute!

2. Palimino Horse!


I got this horse in around 2012-2014 in my “horse phase” I still love her very much but she does take up a lot of space and I have considered selling her. By the way, I named her Star!

3. Coconut!


I have an older version of coconut from around the same time of Licorice and also like Licorice i inherited her from my sister about a year and a half ago! I think she is just so cute!

4. Meatloaf!


I no longer own Meatloaf, because he was in a bag of mine that was stolen, but he was my first ever pet and I just love him sooo much!

5. Rebecca’s Kittens!


(Not my picture!) I dont have Rebecca’s kittens, (yet), but they are just so adorable!


This honorable mention goes to either Molly’s or Nellie’s dog! (I’m not sure which)!


It’s ust a little small and kind of an awkward size for AG dolls, but it’s still super cute! Also I just recently inherited him from my sister so I haven’t had as much time to really get to like him!

Which AG pet is your favorite?

~ Julia ❤


7 thoughts on “Top 5: AG Pets”

    1. Thanks! Also aren’t you the same person as Joan and Marilyn? like do you comment on different accounts? because you always comment really similar things like RIGHT after one another! I don’t really care if you are or aren’t I just wanted to know! Please respond!


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