Top 5: GOTY’s

Hello Internet!

For today’s Top 5 Tuesday I’m doing my Top 5 favorite Girl of The Years!

1. Jess!


 Jess was the GOTY in 2006, and I’m not a huge fan of her outfit but the first time I saw her face I instantly fell in love!

2. Nicki!:


Nicki was the GOTY in 2007 and I just love everything about her!

3. McKenna!:


McKenna is the GOTY from 2012, and I only really like her because I love her hair and the fact that shes a gymnast, but  I still do like her a lot!

4. Saige!:


Saige was the GOTY in 2013! I’m not a huge fan of her story or the movie but I love the doll and her hair is so gorgeous, especially when its down!

5. Mia!:


Mia was the GOTY in 2008! I was going to put Isabelle instead of her but i decided not to! I’ve never read the books, but the doll is just so pretty I couldn’t resist putting her instead!

QOTD: Who was your favorite GOTY?

AOTD: I’d have to say, Jess!

~Julia ❤


2 thoughts on “Top 5: GOTY’s”

  1. My favourite GOTY has to be Saige. I just love everything about her. Her turquoise eyes and her red hair. She is just beautiful. We weren’t collecting dolls during her year so we missed out on her, but we managed to find a nice used Saige on eBay for a good price. She’s in the mail as we speak!! 🙂

    ginnie /

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