My thoughts: Lea Clark

Hello Internet!

Don’t get me wrong I love Lea, the actor and the doll are both very pretty and I like the outfits and stuff, but I do have some issues with Lea.

1. The actress, doll, and girl from the book look NOTHING alike.


Tan with elbow length caramel hair she looks like 9 or 10


White with a little tan and her hair ombres from brown at the top to blond and she looks like 13


She is SO pale, her hair looks like blond with a little red mixed in and it goes to her shoulders, and she looks like shes 7.

Nice job.

2. The storyline.

Let’s go save your brother (who looks like a woman) from the Brazilian peeps while being really racist towards them.


It’s just not okay.

I seriously think AG is running low on ideas. Like every girl of the year has a talent, examples: painting, dancing, gymnastics, cooking, surfing, ice-skating, horses. What’s Lea’s talent? Saving Lives? I thought the GOTY’s were supposed to be relatable! No other 9 year old girls are saving their ย 20 year old brother/(sister. he seriously looks like a girl) from the Brazilian warrior peeps! Most people never even get to go to Brazil in their lifetime!I’m sorry but Lea is just not my favorite. Like sure I’d love to have the doll, and the actress seems okay, but I feel like AG didn’t put half the effort into the storyline, or any part of it honestly! Better luck next year, AG!

What are your thoughts about Lea?

~Julia โค




26 thoughts on “My thoughts: Lea Clark”

  1. Lea is super cute as the doll….. But the three look NOTHING alike!!!!! Even Grace wasn’t the best girl of the year. AG needs to make an GOTY that is nothing alike any of the other ones. And yeah. Her brother does look like a girl. ๐Ÿ˜›

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    1. They should make a GOTY that is either is and AG tuber, or has a disability or something like that! I know everyone doesn’t have a disability or isn’t and AG tuber but its still more relatable than saving your brother in Brazil!

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      1. Yes I agree, I think it would be cool if the GOTY had a disability or sickness that she learns to overcome or something. Similar to McKenna. I think that would be super inspiring. And AGtuber would be cool! Imagine the cool camera sets AG would bring out!! As for the doll, I think she’s really pretty! I don’t really care much for the story sadly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I hope to get the doll ๐Ÿ™‚
        Lydia’s Dolls

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  2. I like the Lea doll, but I still think she looks very close to Rebecca. I have to say though, she has gorgeous hair. As for the character, I agree. She is pretty unrelatable. We haven’t seen the movie yet but from the previews, I was a little bit confused. Why is the nine year old going to Brazil rescue the seventeen year old again? Also they should have definitely given her some kind of talent. Doesn’t she have a kayak? Maybe that can be her talent, but I don’t know if that’s in her story, or just something that AG made to go with the doll.

    ginnie /

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  3. Reblogged this on Buzz About AG and commented:
    Julia shares some of her thoughts about Lea in this wonderful post. At first, I didn’t see anything I didn’t like about the 2016 Girl of the Year, but now I realize that everything Julia wrote is so true! After reading this you might not looooove and drool over Lea anymore. SORRY, Lea! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Well, photography is her talent, and I like how she had a blog, but……….. You’re SO SO SO right about the doll, actress, and book cover looking completely different. Reblogged this!

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  5. I thought that Lea was an exact copy of Jess, also on my site I have tgis page called Dream Girls and it’s my GOTY ideas that include an engineer, a runner, and a vlogger to name a few

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  6. You read my mind! I think AG GOTYs should do things that the girls who play with them can do too. Plus, most of them find ways to help out. Unless you’re some kind of lifeguard, you’re not going to be able to relate to Lea’s story very much. The funny thing is, most of the bloggers who got Lea changed her personality and relating things, which I find amusing. If we old fogies don’t like her story, that’s saying something. Besides, I was hoping for a horse-mad GOTY this year…but that’s beyond the point. Anyways, good job Julia, you really nailed it on the head.
    (P.S: I have noticed the discontinuity between doll, illustration and actress. Maybe their problem was that they went with an already famous actress. The girl who plays Lea was in We Bought A Zoo.)

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  7. I’m not exactly sure it’s nice to call someone that is like 10-12 seven. And you can’t really cretic it if you haven’t seen it.

    I don’t want to be mean but those are my thoughts!

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    1. I understand your point, but I was just trying to say that if you were someone who was new to AG or something like that, if you just watched the trailer and used your eye balls and looked at some things like, how the book, doll, and movie Lea look very different, then you might not be inspired to watch the movie or read the books, and I feel like that isn’t very good for the AG company. Also I was saying that AG has changed a lot over the years, and I think some older versions of AG were better.


      1. I agree about the older characters where more wholesome (as my mum would say.)
        I understand your points as well. In the movie it doesn’t embrass her talents, and saving her older brother come on AG you can do much better!(yes her brother did look like a boy!)
        I also think AG is running out of talents I may be wrong, but three animal girls, Lea,Jess,Lanie.
        Two dance girls, Isabelle and Marosel, or what ever her name is!

        I think I like the old AG much better!

        ๐Ÿ’™~Ryan out

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  8. I agree the actress, book pic and doll don’t even look alike and I agree the actress looks like a 7 yr old! The doll is beautiful(in real life). Her brother does look like a girl! Her story is so not relatable! I agree with everything u have said!

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