Getting Another Doll!

Hello Internet!

I’ve been saving money for a while now and I’m considering getting a third American Girl Doll! If I were to get a doll it would most likely be a Truly Me doll! (Unless I can find Jess on Ebay or something because she is gorgeous) So I know it’s not Top 5 Tuesday, but these are the Top 5 truly me dolls I would probably pick from!


I want a doll with curly hair, and she is just so cute!


I think this one is just soo pretty! I also love how her hair isn’t completely curly but isn’t only slightly wavy either!


As you might be able to tell I’m looking for a doll with longer/medium length hair, and this doll is simply gorgeous! (if you can’t tell from the lighting her hair is caramel colored) I’m really considering this one! Also I feel like if i get her, her name would have to be Abigail! Is that just me?


I know I already have a doll with red hair, but her hair is like way darker! Also I love the length and how its like not curly but REALLY wavy! I’m also really considering getting her!

I know these are two different dolls, but they were similar enough so.. whatever. This list isn’t in any specific order, but if it was this doll would still probably be last

There was two dolls that I really wanted to get, but my sister has one of the them and my other sister has the other so I think that’d be kind of pointless…

QOTD: Which of these dolls would you get if you were me? (Doll #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5) And what would you name them?



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