Doll DIY: Duct Tape Bows

Hello Internet!

Today I’ll be showing you a simple way to make the bows seen in yesterday, and Sunday’s post!:


Lets get started!


First, chose a duct tape that you would like to use and cut off at least 8 inches, the longer it is the bigger the bow will be!


Second, cut the piece of tape in half like this!(If your re-sizing for yourself or to make a bigger bow for a doll, just cut another piece with the same width as the first one, instead of cutting the first one in half)


Next, cut one of the halves shorter like this! (If you cut it a little shorter that’d be fine too)


Next, place the smaller one in the center of the bigger one sticky side to sticky side and push them together like this!


Wrap the sticky sides into the middle to create a shape like this!


Pinch the middle


And wrap it with tape!

And your done!

Happy Crafting!



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