3 Easy Styles for Short Doll Hair

Hello Internet!

As you all might know my doll Maisy has short hair.

Here are three simple ways I like to style it!

First, a simple ponytail!:


1.Pull all her hair back:


2.Gather her hair and put a small elastic around it:


(its to the side because of her part)

Second, A simple twist!:


1.Take a section of hair in the front (it can be bigger than what i took)

2.Twist the hair

3. Pull back the twist and pin it in place!

Lastly, two pigtails!:


1.Separate all her hair into two sections:


2.Wrap each section in a small elastic!

So I know these were REALLY simple, but I’ll be doing more complicated hair tutorials in the future!

QOTD: Whats your favorite GOTY?

AOTD: Jess!

~Julia ❤


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