Book Recommendation: Willow Falls Series

I have another book recommendation for you guys today! This one is the Willow Falls Series by Wendy Mass!

The first book is 11 Birthdays:

The second book is 12 Finally:

The third book is 13 Gifts:

The fourth one is The Last Present:

Last and finally,  is Graceful:

These books all take place in the little town of Willow Falls! Each book takes place in someone else’s point of view, and the are all connected by the town! Except books 1 and 4 are both in the same persons point of view!

I rate these books 5 out of 5 stars!

So, if you need a book to read, read this series its simply wonderful!



4 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: Willow Falls Series”

  1. I’ve seen this series at the library, but I never checked them out. However, I’ve read some books by Wendy Mass — the fairy tale ones. These definitely look interesting! I’ll probably have to get them out now. 🙂



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