Happy Thanksgiving + Vacation

Hello Everybody!

So Happy  Late Thanksgiving fellow American Citizens! I would have posted on Thursday if I had internet connection… But I didn’t because……

I was in the middle of the ocean! On Carnival Glory! For the past 7 days!

Basically if you didn’t figure it out already I just got back from my 5th cruise! As I said I was on Carnival Glory! This was my third time on the Glory!

This was the schedule for our cruise!

1/2 A Day. Get on the boat in Miami

Day 1. Day at sea

Day 2. The beach at Grand Cayman

Day 3. Ziplining in  Honduras

Day 4. Mayan Ruins in Belize

Day 5. Chankanaab Water/Nature park in Cozumel

Day 6. Day at Sea

1/2 A Day. Get off in Miami (Today)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

And now that Thanksgiving is over Christmas posts here I come!



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