25 Facts about Me (Harry Potter Edition)

Today I will be saying 25 facts about me. So.. Let’s get started

1. I love the Harry Potter series.

2. I have read all of the Harry Potter books.

3. I have seen all of the Harry Potter movies.

4. I think that if you don’t want any spoilers you shouldn’t read number five.

5. I think the sadest death was Fred Weasley

6. My favorite book is the 7th one (The Deathly Hallows)

8. You probably didn’t realize I skipped number 7

8. You probably didn’t realize I put two number 8’s to even out for the missing 7

9. My favorite movie is the 8th one or the 2nd one or the 4th one

10. If you think Ron and Hermione don’t go well together you obviously haven’t read the books well enough

11. I feel like in the books Harry was much more sassy then he was in the movies

12. Going along with number 11 my favorite movie scene is in the 6th one where he is on Felix Felices.

13. Going along with number 12 I died laughing at the “pinchers” part

14. I wish they included Winky in the movies. I mean they left out a House Elf with a drinking problem!

15. I am a Ravenclaw!

16. I have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando

17. I think its kind of ridiculous that Harry did fix his old wand before breaking the Elder Wand

18. I LOVE Luna Lovegood and her dancemoves!

19. My broom (That I totally have) is a Scarlet Falcon 400

20. My wand is a 13 3/4 inch, pine, dragon heart string

21. In my life time I have convinced 7 people to read or continue to read the Harry Potter series

22. Books better than movies

23. My favorite character is Ginny

24. Say two words to me about Harry Potter and I’ll talk for hours

25. If those two words are, Harry Potter I’ll talk for days

That’s all for today I hope you enjoyed it!



13 thoughts on “25 Facts about Me (Harry Potter Edition)”

  1. AWESOME!!! I am a Harry Potter fan too. I am in Slytherin!! The books are better than the movies. I went to Universal Studios too!! I loved it. So cool I love your blog just found it!! Happy Blogging!!

    PS Click on my name to get to my blog


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