Clay Remakes 3 /ANNOUCEMENT

Alright I will be doing my 3rd clay remakes. At the end i will have an announcement!

First I have a pop tart

Featured image

  • Dirty
  • No filling
  • Clumpy Glaze

The remade version


  • Sprinkles
  • Textured Bite
  • Filling
  • Clean

I don’t have a picture of the poptarts next to each other… but next I have fries


  • Dirty
  • Sharpie drawn face
  • Poorly blended

The Remade Version


  • No face
  • Blended
  • Clean

Them next to each other


Next (sorry about the background change) I have an oranges


  • Dirty
  • No texture
  • Sharpie Face


  • Clean
  • Textured
  • Realistic

Them together


Next I have sandwiches


  • Cracked
  • Poor uneven texturing
  • Dirty
  • Ingredients strangely pooring out

The Remade Version


  • Clean
  • Even Texturing

This is them together


Next I have a piece of watermelon


  • Dirty
  • Paint Face

The Remade Version


  • Clean
  • Clay Face

Them together


That is all for today wait the announcement. Okay so the announcement is that I will be deleting my AG photo series. I will be starting another one on August 11. If you want a brief summary of my plans for my old series I might do that. im leaving it up for exactly a week then bye bye it is all being deleted. Im still working on a name for my new series but ill tell you soon …



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