Clay Bomb Pop Tutorial

THE FOURTH OF JULY! I know its not today but it is so soon! In honor of American Independence day what I will be doing is showing you guys how to make a polymer clay bomb pop!

This is what we will be making today:


Alright what you will need is


  • Three even balls of translucent polymer clay
  • One ball of red polymer clay
  • One ball of blue polymer clay
  • A small ball of tan polymer clay
  • A needle tool


First take one ball of translucent and your red and mix them together


So you get this translucent red


Do the same with your blue


So you have a translucent blue


Roll out the color except for the tan to the thickness you want your pop to be and put them in order


Cut them to the length you want them with the red slightly bigger


Take the red and pinch it into a shape like this


Put the pieces back together


Take your tan and roll out a thin snake and cut it to whatever length you want


Attach the tan to the bottom and add an eye pin or head pin if you’d like


Take your needle tool and put a line down each of the four sides


Bake in oven for 15 minutes at 275 or whatever instructions are on your packaging

And you are done

Hope you enjoyed todays post! Have a happy 4th of July! See you tomorrow



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