20 Things to Do When You Are Bored

I am here today to help you with  20  things to do when you are bored.  I have gathered these ideas from my own brain when I was bored and from the world around me, a.k.a. The Internet. So before I start I just need to say there are two types of boredom. The first one you are bored just because of lack of things to do, and the second one is you are bored but you have things to do that would just make you more bored, like cleaning your room or doing home work. These tips should work for both types of boredom.

1. Annoy you’re siblings with a song you just made up

2. Start a new hobby (who knows you might be a natural at knitting!)

3. EAT (there is so much  amazing food in the world that you don’t even know about maybe even in your own kitchen)

4. Don’t tell your mom you are bored

5. Start a blog or a Youtube channel

6. Try and see if you can lick your elbow

7. Build a fort:



Don’t be upset if yours isn’t as good as mine 😛

8. Read every single one of my blog posts

9. Read The entire Harry Potter series (if you already have read it again)

10. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon (After you read the books)

11. Figure out how high you can sing

12. Make a weird face in the mirror

13. Wonder about things like if you’ve ever made that exact sound or face you just made before that time ten seconds ago

14. Wonder about other things like about how many other people are saying, thinking, and doing the same thing as you at the EXACT same time as you

15.  Have a deep chat with Siri or S voice or whichever thing like that you have on your phone

16. Have an extreme interpretive dance session in your bedroom

17. See what things you can do with your face like wiggle your eyebrows

18. Learn a new language

19. Try a new sport

20. Last one, have like a spa and make up party with your friends.  Or by yourself

So that is all for today be expecting a lot this week. So yeah.




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