Remake Tag

I am going to be doing a remake tag inspired by xoxrufus on youtube. If you don’t know what this is it is where I take an old charm I’ve made from clay and remake and then compare the two.

First, I have a chocolate chip cookie:

Featured image

  • Ugly sharpie drawn face
  • dirty
  • misshapen
  • chocolate chips in weird circle
  • No texture what so ever
  • unrealistic colors

The remade version:

Featured image

  • textured
  • shaded
  • scattered chocolate chips
  • realistic colors
  • clean

The two together:


Next charm is a smores:

Featured image

  • dirty
  • looks sat on
  • un-even
  • over all terrible

New one:


  • clean
  • cute clay face
  • not perfect but just better

Next I have donuts:

Featured image

  • very dirty
  • poorly blended clay
  • missing sprinkles

The new one:

Featured image

  • smaller
  • cleaner
  • neat

Next I have a cupcake:

Featured image

  • dirty
  • terrible un-even texturing
  • Really bad base
  • ugly icing

Remade Version:

Featured image

  • smaller
  • base from base mold
  • TLS icing
  • clean

Last I have a Crayon box that I remade twice:

Featured image

  • made from cornstarch dough
  • painted
  • unrealistic colors
  • face drawn on with sharpie
  • uneven crayons

The first remade one:

Featured image

  • big ugly clay face
  • poorly cut clay parts
  • poorly blended clay
  • finger nail marks
  • very visible finger prints

The newest version:

Featured image

  • realistic colors
  • cute tiny clay face
  • even cut clay
  • smaller
  • clean

Here they are together:

Featured image


So that was all for today I will be having more remakes coming soon and collections comment what you’d like to see me do next!



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