Clay Stuff 2

So my AG series is delayed  until July. And here is some more clay things i made.

Featured image

1 in. Alice in Wonderland

Featured image

A quarter sized mine craft grass block

Featured image

A really bad old and broken 1 1/2 in. Mickey Mouse

Featured image

6 in. Apple White Story book key

Featured image

A regular sized seashell


A dime sized  camera


A 1 in. trash can

Featured image

The trash can, can open


A quarter sized happy poo


This 3/4s of an Expo marker sized Ariel


This penny sized cookie ice cream sandwich my friend made

Featured image

A dime sized carrot cupcake


A penny sized minnie mouse cupcake

Featured image

A nickel sized goldfish and bowl


Lastly, a quarter sized ravioli

That is all for today more will be coming soon!



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